Posted on May 3rd, 2019

This addon adds a variety of new fish to the game. You can catch these fish by using the normal fishing rod. These fish can also be cooked using blocks that can cook food like the furnace, smoker, and campfire.

Fish Campfire with fish


Fish Name Raw Nutrition Raw Saturation Cooked Nutrition Cooked Saturation
Bass 2 Poor 6 Good
Red Snapper 2 Poor 6 Good
Trout 2 Poor 6 Good
Tuna 2 Poor 6 Good
Goldfish 2 Poor 4 Good

Install Steps

  1. Download the addon from our official NodeCDN download link.
  2. If you use windows double click the file to import it. Android and iOS users can open the file using their web browser or an applicable file manager.
  3. Minecraft should open and the addon will be imported.
  4. Go to the world options for the world you want to use the addon with. Experimental Gameplay must be enabled!.
  5. Activate the addon. Your world must not be loaded to change addons.

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