Posted on September 13th, 2019

This addon adds five tiers of coins to the game. Coins are a simple item that can act as a currency in your maps and servers. By default the only way for players to get coins is by smelting iron and gold ingots. One ingot will give you a single coin of the same material. For example a golden ingot will give one golden coin when smelted in a furnace.

Coin Tier Progression

Players can convert their coins into other tiers of coin by using the various crafting and smelting recipes included with the addon. To get coins of a lower tier simply place the coin in the crafting table and you will get nine coins of the previous tier. For example an iron coin will give you nine copper coins, and a platinum coin will give you nine golden coins.

Downgrade Crafting Recipes

If you have nine of the same coin you can craft them together to make a pile of coins. The pile of coins item is used to make storing and trading larger amounts of coins easier. The pile of coins can also be used for upgrading your coins into higher tiers. Simply smelt the pile of coins with a furnace and you will get a single coin of the next tier. For example a pile of golden coins will smelt into one platinum coin, and a pile of copper coins will smelt into one iron coin. If you want to undo this you can simply craft the coin back into nine of the previous tier again.

Pile of Coin Recipes

This table shows all of the coin items added by the addon and how much they are worth compared to the other types of coins. You can use this to quickly add and subtract coins of different tiers. For example if you have a golden coin and an iron coin you can quickly find out that they equal ninety copper coins.

Item Name Copper Iron Gold Platinum Diamond
Copper Coin 1 0.11 0.012 0.0013 0.00015
Copper Coin Pile 9 1 0.11 0.012 0.0013
Iron Coin 9 1 0.11 0.012 0.0013
Iron Coin Pile 81 9 1 0.11 0.012
Gold Coin 81 9 1 0.11 0.012
Gold Coin Pile 729 81 9 1 0.11
Platinum Coin 729 81 9 1 0.11
Platinum Coin Pile 6561 729 81 9 1
Diamond Coin 6561 729 81 9 1
Diamond Coin Pile 59049 6561 729 81 9

Over all this Minecraft addon makes for a great addition to your worlds, realms, and servers. This addon also works really well for roleplay servers. How do you plan to use it? Let us know on Twitter!

Install Steps

  1. Download the addon from our official NodeCDN download link.
  2. If you use windows double click the file to import it. Android and iOS users can open the file using their web browser or an applicable file manager.
  3. Minecraft should open and the addon will be imported.
  4. Go to the world options for the world you want to use the addon with. Experimental Gameplay must be enabled!.
  5. Activate the addon. Your world must not be loaded to change addons.

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