Beta Begone

Posted on August 13th, 2019

This resource pack allows you to disable the annoying beta version and system information text that is displayed on the main menu and while playing a game world. It works on all bedrock platforms.

While this information can be useful for Mojang to debug issues, many find it to be ugly or distracting. This can especially be an issue if you are recording a video, streaming the game, or taking a screenshot. With this resource pack you can easily remove this text from your screen.

NOTE: If you do report a bug or feedback to Mojang make sure you disable this resource pack first!

Install Steps

  1. Download the resource pack from our official NodeCDN download link.
  2. If you use windows double click the file to import it. Android and iOS users can open the file using their web browser or an applicable file manager.
  3. Minecraft should open and the addon will be imported.
  4. In Minecraft go to Settings -> General -> Global Resources -> Available Packs, and activate the Beta Begone pack.
  5. Exit the settings menu. This should reload resources and remove the text.

Showcase Image


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